Chaplaincy Ministry Grants

Chaplains Collective Ministry Grants

*Please note that Ministry Grants only available to Chaplains Collective chaplains and credentialed chaplains. For membership information, please click here.

Chaplains Collective ministry grants are available to chaplain members of the Chaplains Collective.  Grants are to provide a means of Biblical proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the chaplaincy ministry, and by assisting the fulfillment of the organizations purpose, “To grow a thriving collective of engaged chaplains who are equipped and empowered through meaningful connections, training, and resources.”

Funding Areas

Priority funding areas include projects to purchase assets that enable a chaplain to better serve their community, continuing education, general ministry funding, benevolence to a ministry community, and development projects.

Grant Calendar

Grants are reviewed at specific time of the year.  Grants are divided into two categories, small grants and large grants.  Small grants are requests of funding for amounts equal or less than $200, and large grants are requests for over $200.  Small grants may follow the general granting calendar or may be reviewed anytime.  Large grants are reviewed two times a year.  The Online Grant Form (OGF) for the general granting calendar is as follows:

Spring Decision Period:

The OGF is to be submitted by May 1st for the funding decision date on or before June 1st.  Grant funds are available on June 15th.

Fall Decision Period:

The OGF is to be submitted by November 1st for the funding decision date on or before December 1st.  Grant funds are available on December 15th.

Chaplains may submit more than one OGF, but only one funding request per OGF.

Please read the sample grant agreement before completing the OGF.

Funding and Requirements

Grants are funded by awarding funds into the chaplains account with Chaplains Collective.  No grant funds may go directly to individuals. Chaplaincy ministries with 501c3 status may receive the funds directly made payable to the organizations name.

Chaplains and chaplain ministries awarded must adhere to the guidelines of the Grant Agreement.  Grantee will promptly provide additional information, reports, receipts, and documents the Chaplains Collective may request that are associated with the grant.

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