Ministry Liability Insurance

Chaplains Collective Ministerial Liability Insurance

The more involved that a Chaplain becomes in the lives of those they serve, the more liability a Chaplain begins to assume.

*Please note that Ministry Liability Insurance is only available to Chaplains Collective chaplains and credentialed chaplains. For membership information, please click here.

As a trusted Chaplain, those you are in care of will come to you for guidance, advice and counsel in their lives. As you engage with those you serve there is the opportunity to be a catalyst of great change, but there is also the risk of unintentionally impacting a life in a negative way. Unfortunately in today’s society we also find ourselves at risk of frivolous lawsuits and false allegations.

As such, Ministry Insurance is available to Chaplains and Credentialed Chaplains of Chaplains Collective to help mitigate the risk associated with ministry in the 21st century.

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