Squirrels and Our Foundation

Squirrels and Our Foundation

Squirrels and Our Foundation

For a good two years I could sit on back patio and watch the squirrels freely go in and out of my neighbor’s house. However, this week the family and I were invited over to see the progress on their extensive renovations. Not only did they replace everything on the exterior, but they completely gutted the interior as well. It’s as fresh and modern as any new construction now.

I can only imagine how the contractors felt when they first rolled up to the house to take a look around. I am sure they noticed all the imperfections, but at the same time they saw the potential and were dreaming of what it could be.

More times than not, that is exactly how we should process our own imperfections and mistakes. We can’t ignore them, but we can take confidence that Lord has given us a foundation to rebuild off of.

Psalm 62:6
He only is my rock and my salvation,
My stronghold; I shall not be shaken.

In this verse David affirms that only in the Lord will he have the foundation in place to build off of. David was an ambitious guy who achieved great things, but it wasn’t without difficulty or error. David needed God to keep him from unraveling when things became unsteady.

We get off track when we try to be our own “rock and salvation.” We can’t save ourselves from ourselves. There are things in life where we need community, and we need God to be fresh and real in our lives. When we are at risk of spiraling into negativity, we need encouragement, truth, and love.

Let’s make sure that the foundation we built our lives, relationships, and passions on is a foundation of strength, forgiveness and purpose in Him and not built with the contingencies of our own perfection. The pressure to maintain that is too great. However, we can thrive with a foundation of strength, forgiveness and purpose in Him. Regardless of our imperfections, He sees our potential and dreams along with us on what we can be.

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Jeff Myers

Jeff Myers is an ordained minister and founding member of Always Racing and the Chaplains Collective. Jeff is a motorsports chaplain serving many professional racing communities and is a consultant to non-profits. Jeff, his wife Brooke, and children Olivia, Jay, and Patricia are based out of northern California.

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