Chaplain Bob Moertle // Chaplains Collective

“It is an honor and privilege to support the men and women who wear the badge to protect and serve their local communities.”

Thank you for supporting the ministry work of Chaplain Bob Moertle.

Bob serves as a volunteer Police Chaplain within the Lebanon Division of Police and Public Safety Chaplain for the city of Mason Police and Fire Departments. He is the Director for the Warren County Peer Support Team.

Chaplain Moertle is ordained and appointed, and an active member of the Chaplains Collective. He is credentialed by the International Conference of Police Chaplains (ICPC) for the specialized training required to serve as a police chaplain.

Bob provides a ministry of presence that offers spiritual and emotional support and encouragement to law enforcement officers, agency employees, and their families in a rapidly changing and dynamic environment. No one is confronted with more situations that demoralize and create emotional, mental, and spiritual burdens than today’s law enforcement officer.

Bob helps keep officers in the fight emotionally and psychologically. He strives to make a difference in an officer’s life that helps mitigate the risks of burnout, vicarious trauma, and moral injury from the day-to-day activities and events associated with their profession. He walks alongside the officers to listen, guide, and support them through their struggles and challenges, without judgment or criticism.

The Peer Support Team is available to help mitigate the impact of critical incidents via Critical Incident Stress Debriefings, Defusings, and encouragement.

Bob also supports the community in crisis and emergency situations on an on-call basis. Working with law enforcement, Bob strives to make a difference by responding to victims of crime and those touched by tragedy.

He logs numerous hours every week in ride alongs to provide support to the officers in whatever situation arises, such as domestic disturbances, bereavement counseling, death notifications, lonely and despondent persons, and suicide attempts.

Your generous support allows Bob to continue to be involved in training programs that equip and enhance his professional efficiency in maintaining a high standard for meeting the needs of law enforcement personnel and people in crisis, especially in a rapidly changing and dynamic environment.

Your support helps provide for:

• Meals for law enforcement officers and dispatch personnel
• Care Backpacks for the homeless and transient
• Emergency shelter and resources to ensure the safety of persons in crisis
• Training, supplies, and miscellaneous expenses
• Outreach programs that promote healthy community relationships

Thank you in advance for your prayers, donations, and consideration of supporting Chaplain Bob Moertle.

“As Christians, we ask God to use us in furtherance of His purposes. As servants of God, it is our duty. We were called to this honorable profession for times such as these. We must keep the peacemakers in the fight in the most crucial time in American History!”

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