Get Your Ministry Credentials


  • Membership for Chaplains seeking ministry credentials.
  • One-On-One Chaplaincy Coaching
  • Access to Chaplain Slack Group
  • 25% Discount on Training
  • Monthly Conference Call
  • Chaplain ID Card
  • Chaplains Collective Logo Usage
  • Financial Processing
  • Access to Professional Ministry Insurance
  • Access to CC Email Address
  • Legally Licensed Minister
Ministry Credentials with Chaplains Collective

When you obtain your Ministry Credentials through Chaplains Collective not only are you becoming a legally licensed Minister, you are also weaving yourself into a national Chaplaincy network with a foundation from which to do Chaplaincy from. Not only do you receive one-on-one Chaplaincy coaching and access to a network of other Chaplains, you also receive a robust suite of tools and resources to assist your ministry.

As a Credentialed Chaplain you will receive a Chaplains Collective ID Card along with rights to use the Chaplains Collective logo for branding. In addition, you will receive access to our Professional Ministry Insurance Policy as well as financial processing services where you can raise your own support while being sure your donors receive tax credit for their gifts.

Credentialed Chaplains are legally licensed Minsters, affording you the opportunity to legally officiate weddings, subject to your local and state laws.

We can even provide you with business cards, stationary and an email address as needed (at an additional cost).

There is a one-time, non-refundable application fee of $150. Both the application fee and annual membership fee are due at the time of application. If you have questions as to eligibility please contact us.

Additional Requirements

Accept and adhere to Chaplains Collective Statement of Faith

Have an ongoing and active relationship with a local church or fellowship

Complete an interview by phone or in person

Completed Background Check

Completion of Pastor Reference Form (Form Found Here)

Completion of Personal Reference Form (Form Found Here)

Completion of  Foundations of Chaplaincy Module Within 30 days of Acceptance

Completion of  Keys to Chaplain Success Module Within 30 days of Acceptance

Completion of  Responding to Trauma Module Within 30 days of Acceptance

Completion of  History of Chaplaincy Module Within 30 days of Acceptance

Completion and Approval of Chaplain Application Form

Ministry Expectations

Chaplains Collective members are asked, but not required, to attend one training seminar each year.  Members must conduct their personal life, family, finances, and ministry in agreement with the principles and moral standards of Scripture.   They should hold an exemplary reputation and testimony with those outside the Body of Christ.  If there is evidence of questionable testimony, the member must submit to a process with Chaplains Collective.  If members do not comply with the process their affiliation may be withdrawn at any time

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