Chaplains Collective Online Chaplaincy Training Program

Online Chaplaincy Training and Education
Equipping men and women to walk confidently as Chaplains.
Chaplains Collective is committed to providing on-the-go training for on-the-go Chaplains.

Our training curriculum brings ministry guidance to you in a readily-accessible digital format. Our training courses offer practical applications that can bolster your effectiveness as a Chaplain.

Our current courses are listed below, and our curriculum will be continually expanding to offer a wider range of topics in the year ahead.

Desktop and Mobile

All Chaplains Collective courses are desktop and mobile friendly. Videos will play on all devices. You may start or finish each course on any platform.

At Your Pace

Once enrolled in a course you have an unlimited amount of time to complete the sessions. You may revisit the course at any time, even after it is completed.

Videos and Notes

Each course consists of a short free trial preview of session content. All courses contain studio quality training videos and downloadable PDF notes.

Most Popular Chaplaincy Training Courses